Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Made in Charleston

Here is a lineup of some of my favorite local Charleston products. Over the years, Charleston has attracted an array of creative entrepreneurs who promote an environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle. I love living in a city that makes it so easy to source fun, innovative, high quality goods from right around the block. The following products are a perfect complement to a healthy, well-balanced, high vibe way of life.

1. Affordabike's budget friendly beach cruisers are custom made to your color and style preferences.
2. Sweeteeth's locally made chocolates come in exciting flavors like peanut butter- chipotle and port wine- caramel.
3. Deep Steep natural beauty products offer something you can feel safe about slathering on your body. My personal favorite is the lavender-chamomile bubble bath & body wash.
4. Rewined's candles made using recycled wine glasses and natural premium soy wax- the chardonnay is delicious!
5. These colorful cosmetic bags from Proud Mary are actually made in Guatemala in an effort to bring economic independence to impoverished communities around the globe. 
6. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co's small batch tonic doesn't just taste good but also makes a visually pleasing addition to your bar cart.
7. Sweetgrass baskets (found at Charleston's City Market) are my favorite way to store & display local produce.
8. Graw bars are gluten free, raw, vegan, and delicious.
9. For those warm porch-sitting nights, a Firefly sweet tea vodka with lemonade does a soul good. 

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