Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CCG Potluck Lunch

In celebration of the end of Carolina Community Garden's first (and uber-successful) season, we held a potluck lunch and encouraged our fellow gardeners to bring in dishes that utilized produce from their gardens. All twenty of the plots produced to no end all season long, so we obviously needed to help them eat all their food.

roasted beets// tabbouleh salad// swiss chard frittata// carrots// broccoli salad// pesto filled crescent rolls

After the gardeners harvested the rest of their plots, we sat down to lunch and enjoyed the fruits of everyone's labor (or vegetables). I'm a bit distraught that I will be leaving after just the first season of the CCG, but I have big plans to build one of my own back home in upstate New York. 

Great season, CCG gardeners!


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